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Open Set Perkins Engine
pdf PDF specifications
Specifications for different sizes are mentioned in the PDF files as following.
  Compact (9-60 kVa)
  Plenum (80-200 kVa)
  Compact Big Range (200-800 kVa)
The silent generator set from APM is an important part in keeping your genset running smoothly, yet silently for your home or business. You can easily reduce much of the noise that is emitted from the genset engine with one of these weatherproof canopies.
If you are powering your building with a generator, then you already know the importance of keeping the power on no matter what causes the power to go out. When you need to use your genset, the noise of it can be just too much to put up with. This is why a silent generator set is a good investment for anyone that needs to prepare their home or business for power outages with a genset. The silent generator set is offered for many purposes and even sizes of generators, so you will be able to find one that matches all of your needs. If you need to use the generator, you will be happy that you equipped it with all the silent power you need.
APM has a silent generator set for every type of power need ranging from home, to farming or industry needs. Getting a genset that can do its job, do it well, and still keep a relatively low amount of noise emanating from the machine is a perfect way to keep your power going even when disaster strikes.
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